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[Saïx sits outside his rather scorched and broken down home. It looks as though he has been doing repairs, but that certainly isn't the reason he turned his PCD on. No, he has something else on his mind.]

Residents of Adstringendum, what do you know about hearts? More specifically, the lack of a heart, and how to return a heart to someone who is missing one. Or is that a state unique to the world I come from?

Any information would be helpful.

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[The feed clicks on, showing Saix's face, calm and nearly expressionless, gazing into the PCD. His brow furrows for a moment before smoothing out.]

Ah, I see. A communication device - how unexpectedly convenient, if somewhat suspicious.

[He moves back, centering himself in the camera's view.]

There is little need for me to ask what the name of this place is. Another world floating in the darkness - I doubt I'll be here long enough for it to matter. That is, if I can discover what it is that's keeping me here. I assume the natives of this place are listening to this communications frequency? Very well then, tell me what is preventing me from leaving and how to bypass it.

Respond promptly, as I have no desire to stay on your broken little world longer than I must. That is, if there is anyone listening.

How's my driving?
☾ no regrets no remorse
Here's an HMD post for Saïx. Feel free to comment at any time and let me know how I'm doing!

Anon is allowed, IP logging is off.
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☾ no regrets no remorse
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